Bethea Retirement Community, a community of South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging hosted their Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on November 1, 2018 at the Bethea Retirement Chapel. Winyah Pharmacy was chosen as The Company of the Year.

The ceremony included entertainment, breakfast and presentation of awards. Winyah Pharmacy was represented by David Whitlock, President, Dede Lowder, Pharmacist Consultant, and Susan Lecklitner, Clinical Account Manager.

Winyah Pharmacy was delighted to be chosen for this award and is honored to partner with The South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging.

Left to Right: Benjamin Spurling, Bethea Baptist-Executive Director, Winyah Pharmacy- Dede Lowder, Pharmacist Consultant, Winyah Pharmacy- David Whitlock, President, Winyah Pharmacy- Susan Lecklitner, Clinical Account Manager, South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging, Tom Turner, President and CEO.