Last month, Susan Lecklitner, RN, clinical account manager at Winyah Pharmacy, presented a medication administration and safety class on behalf of the South Carolina Association of Residential Care Homes (SCARCH).

The course included information on proper medication administration and documentation, as well as tips on improving resident safety and preventing medication errors. More than 20 licensed administrators and community staff members from across the state attended the program and received six CEU’s from the South Carolina Board of Long Term Care Administrators.

The class was very interactive and engaging – participants even had the opportunity to share ideas and best practices with each other.  We would like to thank everyone who attended for their help in making the program a success and for their informative feedback.

If you would like to schedule a similar medication class for your facility, please contact Susan Lecklitner at our Georgetown location (843-618-0089) or Stephanie Spear at our Charlotte location (864-285-7389).